Chef Whit


— Story —


Innovating a healthy cuisine

I am so pleased to have you along for this never ending journey of happy/healthy living. I believe that people are what they eat , and health is wealth, and I want you all to be rich.

Born and raised in Illinois, where cuisines from every culture is accessible to your palette, food has always been a passion of mine. I was able to take my formal training and expand my own basic knowledge and love for food to bring people together, while also educating them about how food can both help and harm us. 

My approach to food is fun, unique, and approachable, re-creating my old childhood recipes in a very modern way. Being a Chicago native has exposed me to many different cuisines, and I enjoy applying my personal dining experiences to what is on your plate in a healthy way. My goal in the food industry is to provide a balanced quality of life, starting with your diet.